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Costumes of Mexico


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Videos of the Exhibition:

Photo Album (BR) : Costumes of Mexico at the Textile and Costume Museum (Original Exhibition)

Press: Redmond, A. (1992, November 1). New Gallery Dresses Up with Textiles by Redmond and Bruney. Legacy, 2, 11-12.

Press: Romine, J. ( 1992, October 1). Display of Mexican textile arts on exhibit at gallery. The Daily Reveille, pp.13

Photo Album (WTCNO): Costumes of Mexico at the World Trade Center Lobby, New Orleans (1997): Due to the success of the exhibit in Baton Rouge, the Consulate of Mexico and the Mexican Cultural Center of the South in New Orleans provided space in the lobby of the World Trade Center not only to showcase the items in the original exhibit, but also provided more costumes.

While the many costumes of Mexico were worn on a daily basis by some indigenous groups, they have also become a part of the folklore. Because costumes and dance are quite unique to each state, they are a clear reminder that Mexico, like many other countries in the Americas, is a melting pot of different cultures. Those interested in how apparel theory works, Mexico is a "petri dish" where one can explore questions on how clothing trickles up and down society. Above all, Mexican costume and it intricate details and loud colors reflect the people's festive and joyful soul.

The Fiesta Mexicana was an event organized by LSU Mexican Student Association in April 25, 1991. The event showcased some of the typical dances. The following videos are archived here were in the program and show not only how some of the dresses made, but also how they are meant to move and tease the eye.


Credits of Virtual Scrapbook: Dr. Monica Santaella

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Costumes of Mexico

Exhibition Dates: September 4 - October 30, 1992

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