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A World of Dolls:
The Dabney Collection and Beyond

Exhibition Dates: January 17 - May 21, 1993



Acknowledgements. Special thanks for their assistance go to Elaine Smyth and her staff of Hill Memorial Library, to Pamela Rabalais, Mary Strickland and Lauren Landry of the School of Human Ecology, and to Carl Kuttruff, William H. Carter, and Capitol City Glass. The support and enthusiasm of members of The Dolls of Baton Rouge Antique Doll Club is also sincerely appreciated.

Installations for this exhibition were placed in two spaces, room 140 of the Textile and Costume Museum in the Human Ecology Building from and on the second floor of the Lobby of Hill Memorial Library from January 17 - March 1, 1993.

Textile and Costume Museum (formerly Textile and Costume Gallery). The establishment of the LSU Textile and Costume Gallery in the School of Human Ecology was funded by a 1991-92 Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund Enhancement Grant. This public exhibition gallery is a part of the facilities provided for the LSU Historic Textile and Costume Collection. Special climate control, storage, and conservation systems for the preservation of textiles and costumes were also funded. The Historic Textile and Costume Collection includes over 3,000 pieces from around the world that range in dates from the late 1700s to the 1990s.

Hill Memorial Library. Originally constructed in 1925 as the main library for the campus, Hill Memorial Library was renovated from 1983-85 to house the LSU Libraries' Special Collections. It features a security system, special environmental controls, and elaborate fire detection and suppression systems for ensuring the preservation of the irreplaceable rare books and manuscripts that are housed in Special Collections. In addition to the two large reading rooms, extensive closed stacks, and work space for staff, the building provides a lecture hall and exhibition galleries.

The information contained in this virtual scrapbook was taken from the publication that was issued in conjunction with the exhibition. Dr. Monica Santaella compiled this virtual scrapbook.


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